1966 Bronco Brochures

1966 Ford Bronco Literature

Bronco brings the great outdoors to you. Surefooted all wheel drive takes you into uncluttered deep country and back. Designed for rugged, cross-country operation, Bronco’s unique Mono-Beam front suspension smooths out the bumps, shortest turning radius of any vehicle of its type gets you around any obstacle, good ground clearance in front, under and behind minimizes change of being “hung up.”

How about quick service on that special part that’s holding up the job? You can count on real service when your supplier drives a Bronco. The vehicle of 1,001 uses. Ideal for city use, Bronco is nimble in tight spaces, operates very economically, shrugs off high idle, stop and go traffic, carries all you want to take with you within each reach because of full width tailgate and one hand operation tailgate latch.

Bronco is a natural for farm and ranch! With special equipment, readily obtainable from or through your Ford Dealer, it will dig postholes, winch out logs, spray trees, cut grass, dig trenches, cut timber, fight fires, stalk predator… yes and even herd cattle. Bronco’s big 170-cu in six-cylinder engine and an optional power take-off runs all kinds of front or rear mounted auxiliary equipment. Home on the range was never like this!

1966 Ford Bronco Literature & Repair Manuals for Sale

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