1968 Ford Bronco Literature

Whatever your brand of work or play excitement…  Bronco’s the way to go!

Bronco is the best way ever to answer a call to adventure.  Zip down highways…  exclusive cushion-beam front suspension smooths your ride.  Shift into four wheel drive and Bronco takes you where the fun begins after the roads quit.  Discover the excitement of dashing down a wave swept beach, exploring a towering forest, locating a long forgotten fishing spot.

But Bronco is designed for more than fun.  It’s a real weekday workhorse.  Bronco gets you through mud sand or snow…  almost any place your business takes you.  Hook up power take-off and a winch, snow plow or rotary brush and the jobs done fast.

Bronco’s a great town car, too!  Road smoothing cushion-beam front suspension lets everyone ride in comfort.  Its handsome good looks rate high wherever you go.  Load up the kids…  Bronco is a school wagon.  Load up the groceries…  Bronco is mom’s shopping cart.  Load up the camping or picnic gear…  Bronco is everyone’s fun car.  Ford’s versatile, surefooted, four wheel drive bronco is the ideal for any kind of work or play.

Bronco offers luxury and convenience…  Plus the smoothest ride going!

Rugged as it is, inside Bronco is all comfort!  Choose from bench or optional bucket seats for the seating package that best meets your needs.  All three offer plenty of legroom for driving comfort.  Attractive interiors are designed for convenience.  The transmission shift lever is in the familiar steering column location.  Only a single lever transfer case control is mounted on the floor.  The rear cargo area is over 55 inches long and 56 inches wide.  Roadster and Wagon models have plenty of room for the optional two passenger rear seat.

Six or optional V8 engine teamed with a fully synchronized three speed transmission and two speed through drive transfer case give Bronco performance. Plus cushion-beam suspension assures a smoother ride…  even at turnpike speeds.  Eight strategically located cushioned body mounts soak up road shock and vibration to further soften and quite Broncos ride.

1968 Ford Bronco Literature & Repair Manuals for Sale

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